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Being a third generation Florida native, I'm completely enamored with the diverse beauty of this gorgeous peninsula. For most of the year the weather is divine which makes exploring its unlimited nooks and crannies fun and easy.

Wherever I go I appreciate nature and the world around me. Come along with me as I share the places I visit and perhaps a few other amusements I find interesting along the way.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Sky

Ever notice that sepia hazy color it seems the whole earth gets when all the elements align? It usually happens just minutes before sunset. The foliage, the objects around us, and even the air seems like they turn together into one shade of pale, misty yellow.

Sitting on my back porch a couple of days ago with my nose in a magazine it happened. It caught my attention when I looked up and my garden looked like that... everything a sepia wash of light at days' end ... everything painted into the same hue.

Even before looking, I knew the sky would be full of color. Looking into the eastern sky... yes, the eastern sky at sunset this is what I saw.

And then only a minute later... it changes. Colors at my level are back to normal. But in the sky they are morphing from yellows to pink and purple... and of course that indescribable clear blue.

I'm convinced that our fall and winter sunsets are more outstanding than other times of the year. I don't have any science on it (I should look that up) but in my observations it seems so.


Susan said...

I agree with you Meems, the sunsets in fall and winter are more outstanding, especially on nights when the temps dip down into cold territory.

Pat said...

Beautiful new blog Meems. I agree about the sunset. We were blessed with a breathtaking display just tonight! I am looking forward to the fresh look at Florida that we are going to experience through the eye of your camera.

Meems said...

Susan, I didn't realize it had anything to do with the temps... very interesting.

Pat, Yes, tonight it was breathtaking again. Not so much in the Eastern sky but that western sky was awesome.

mjm said...

I do love the sunsets we get around here. BUT I have a very different view from where I live. However, while at home in TX, I was driving to my brother's house one night was reminded how beautiful the TX sky could be. The trees had such a unique outlying, with shades or pinks and purples to outline them. Then there was a small crescent moon in the sky. I wish I had my camera to try and capture it. Thanks for capturing your pictures.

Meems said...

mjm, Yes, your viewpoint over there on the bay is glorious! Aren't you glad you have some of those captured that you will take with you and have forever!

It is so interesting to me to view sunsets wherever I happen to be and imagine that the whole hemisphere I'm in at the time is viewing the very same sun ... I know ... so profound. That crescent moon you wanted to capture is the very same one I DID try to capture on one extremely clear night last week. I haven't mastered (no pun intended) the night time photos in any good way yet!

Wendy said...

Beautiful photos. I love watching the sun rise and set. It does bathe the sky (and everything else) with gorgeous colours.

seniorgardener said...

i can't remember the right words at the moment, but it reminds me of the song "from the rising of the sun - till the going down of same - i will praise your Name". Now, i don't see too many sunrises, or should i say hardly any, or okay, none ;-), but i do love our Florida sunsets! i have taken pics of dozens of them, and have thought about making a scrapbook of just sunsets. we saw spectacular sunsettings while in Kenya over Lake Victoria, and also in Oklahoma where the broad open sky gives a treeless interference to God's handiwork! we often drive west to the beach coast, just to enjoy a summer evening sunset.
as to the temps etc., i think the sunsets are more intense when there is moisture in the air, as before or after a good rain. no scientific research, just my own observation.
thanks for another lovely view from your back yard!

marmee said...

such a beautiful florida sky.
i love the beauty of a colourful sunset. it is a joyful, exciting, breath-taking, awe-inspiring site. thanks for sharing this one.

Meems said...

Wendy, It's so restful and peaceful to take in all of God's creation... even as the colors evolve by the minute at a sunrise or a sunset.

SG: I'm glad you love the sunsets and take the time to go find them in their fullness as they drop on the Gulf of Mexico horizon. We have seen some spectacular views from that vantage point over the years. Hmmmm...You might be onto something with your observation of moisture in the air.

Marmee: You have a perfect view of some stunning sunsets to the back of your own house. And an unobstructed view I might add. I got to photograph a couple of them while I was there ...sitting beneath the trees and gazing far across that western field. Beautiful.