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Being a third generation Florida native, I'm completely enamored with the diverse beauty of this gorgeous peninsula. For most of the year the weather is divine which makes exploring its unlimited nooks and crannies fun and easy.

Wherever I go I appreciate nature and the world around me. Come along with me as I share the places I visit and perhaps a few other amusements I find interesting along the way.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island

What a difference a day can make!

The first day my sister was here we headed to Anna Maria Island to give her a good dose of the Gulf Beaches she was homesick for. Only it was foggy. It was foggy allllllllllllllllllllll day long. Something I have NEVER seen in all my years of living here. We made the best of it enjoying the stroll down the shoreline, the birds feeding happily, and of course just the sights, smells, and sounds of what signifies any beach experience.

But the NEXT DAY!!!!! Clear skies and sunshine was all ours to soak up.

If you live in Florida you know first hand how very blessed we are to have beaches on three sides of the state. I know I'm partial. I know I play favorites. I know I like my comfort zone.

But if any Floridian is being really honest they have to admit the Gulf Beaches are absolutely THE best beaches of all. With all that sugary white sand and clear green water who could argue this fact? (Please don't -- you might burst my bubble.)

My mom, my sister, and I parked our chairs close to the waters' edge in the calm of the afternoon sun at Coquina Beach after our eating "experience" at Starfish.

Even the birds were relaxed.

This beach is a little unique in that the city has brought in massive amounts of rocks and placed them all around the man-made seawalls. It helps limit erosion of the beautiful white sand and makes for textural interest along the shoreline.
It was so peaceful!

Sandcastles, synonomous with beach going, not yet washed away, were left for us to imagine the shovels and buckets and giggling children's voices who had built them before our arrival.

The golden, warm glow of the late afternoon sun changes the color of every object in its path in rapid progression as the earth moves from afternoon into its evening mode.

We were there to breathe in the moments. Every single evolution with shades of yellows, pinks, lavenders, blues was noticed and shared with each other.

Reluctantly ...

when the sun had long ago dipped beyond the horizon and was even still faithfully continuing its display of glorious and ever changing panoramic views...
we packed up and walked away from all the beauty. We will remember this as one more exhilerating beach experience we've been blessed to drink in and we will savor it ....

until next time.


Susan said...

What a beautiful day! It looks like you're enjoying your time with your sister and mom. Hope the rest of the week is as lovely for you.

Meems said...

Thanks for stopping by... always good to hear from you. We had a marvelous time at the beach. There just isn't anything like the wide open space of that gulf and drinking in all the beauty of our beaches. AND they are SO close to enjoy whenever we can... what a blessing!

marmee said...

loved this day and the sunset on that night was so beautiful. that one photo of the water splashing on the rocks is so great...i can hear the sound of the crashing ocean. ssssooooo nice.

Leedra said...

We were in St Pete Beach at the same time. The fog was so weird...it seemed so out of place. We did have some great weather that week too. We did more birding than beaching due to the cool weather.

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Anonymous said...

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Hope to hear from you :)