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Being a third generation Florida native, I'm completely enamored with the diverse beauty of this gorgeous peninsula. For most of the year the weather is divine which makes exploring its unlimited nooks and crannies fun and easy.

Wherever I go I appreciate nature and the world around me. Come along with me as I share the places I visit and perhaps a few other amusements I find interesting along the way.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shorebirds, Herons,Terns, and Allies

You might remember the last time we went to the beach. It was several weeks ago. My how time flies. Too much going on to get this post up before now. All these photos are from that trip.

Long walks on the beach allows for some great photo opportunities with the birds that gather together. It is a delight to watch them forage for food and play along the shoreline.

I hope you like birds as much as I do. They are fascinating creatures. My I.D.'s are not always correct so if you notice any of mine that are wrong please, please let me know. It's always fun to learn and I'd hate to mislead the innocent. :-)

Black Skimmer


Patricia said...

Beautiful, as always.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

We just back from the beach,and now you've made me want to go back,again!Of course,I'm always ready for a trip to the beach.
Great pictures!

marmee said...

these are great and hopefully we will be seeing many birds and sunsets on our beach stay...yippee! here we come!

Meems said...

Thank you.

I know exactly what you mean. It doesn't take but a simple reminder and I long to be at the beach again. (Don't hate me)I happen to be here again for a few days - this time a girl trip ... soaking it all with every breath.

Beautiful sunset tonight... and a few more in store.

Pat said...

Have fun ladies! I saved a few sunsets for you...LBK's specialty!
Stay in the shade,