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Being a third generation Florida native, I'm completely enamored with the diverse beauty of this gorgeous peninsula. For most of the year the weather is divine which makes exploring its unlimited nooks and crannies fun and easy.

Wherever I go I appreciate nature and the world around me. Come along with me as I share the places I visit and perhaps a few other amusements I find interesting along the way.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where Am I?

Okay... pretty sure a certain someone is going to jump right on this one.
For all you Florida enthusiast and even those who have an occasional interest in my beautiful state... here's how this works:
I thought it might be fun to occasionally post some of the random photos I've taken from my romp-abouts in Florida and then let you guess where I was when I took the photo... or where the scene is that the photo represents (whichever applies).
If you'd like to include your thoughts (experience) about the photo or the area it represents I'd love to hear about that, too.


nanamoo said...

Tarpon Springs...I think that is that the Greek guy diving for sponge.

marmee said...

i am thinking tarpon springs with the sponge driver...love that area.

SophieMae said...

LOL, my jump isn't as fast as it used to be. Were you there recently? I'm trying to think of a good excuse to go back.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Late to the post,again-----ok.Tarpon Springs,home of the best food ever!

Floridacracker said...

I agree with them!

gigi said...

one of the most unique communities in Florida, home to the sponge divers for the only 'real' sponges found anywhere in this hemisphere, great seafood restaurants, authentic Greek food, the annual Epiphany celebration - with young teens diving for the cross in the ice cold waters of January, small town atmosphere with restored homes from the 30's & 40's, great parks and waterfront recreation, gazillion antique shops, original Greek Orthodox churches, and where you can view the most spectacular sunsets ever! the one and only Tarpon Springs, FL

Meems said...

I figured this one was going to be too easy for anyone from this area. Thanks for playing along all.

Nanamoo,YAY for you... you are on the ball!

Sophie,Yes, just a couple of weeks ago. If you had seen it first you would have jumped on it fastly... I know you, girl! Can't slip anything past you.

Marmee, Chris, FC, Gigi...
Thanks for the confirmation... I know you all know it well... it is one of the treasures of Florida... right here in my neck of the woods.

Put this on the list for your visit. :-)