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Wherever I go I appreciate nature and the world around me. Come along with me as I share the places I visit and perhaps a few other amusements I find interesting along the way.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beach ... and a Word About Backing Up Photos

I realize it's been a long while since I've made an entry on this blog. But it isn't because I haven't had photos to share.

There are hundreds ... no, thousands of photos filed away, neatly cataloged, in folders on my computer.

Several weeks ago the computer I save ALL my photos to blue-screened. To make a long story short subsequently it was decided by a true expert (not me obviously) that it was not worth salvaging.

We've been to the beach several times this summer even though it is not my favorite season to go. I much prefer fall or winter or spring for beaching. Why fight the heat when it is so pretty so many other months out of the year.

One thing for certain ~~ no matter the month, day, season or time of day ~~ the shores of the Gulf of Mexico will always provide fresh sights and sounds.
We just have to pay attention.

I cannot say enough about enlisting an outside service for backing up data on a computer. I do a double back-up using an external hard drive AND **Carbonite.

Once the new computer was up and running the process has been super-simple for **Carbonite to restore every jot and tittle of my data right back into their original file folders.

I would have cried a thousand buckets of tears if I had permanently lost precious memories and treasured faces to a blitzed computer.

All is well in my summer world especially now that we are sliding into autumn. Beach trips and outdoor adventures should come more often.

In the meantime, please enjoy just a few of the random beach photos from this summer. (And PLEASE be sure you back up your photos ~~ you just never know when it could happen to you).

** My plug for Carbonite was simply an example of how to back up your data... they are not aware of my admiration and praise.


The Florida Blogger said...

Looking back at your post history, you really haven't posted much this year. Don't quit on us! Your pictures of Florida are great!

Meems said...

Thank you. It is true... too busy in the garden I suppose.

Patricia said...

As a kindred spirit and co-lover of Florida, I've missed you here, too, but certainly understand. Our favorite seasons for the beach and all things outdoors is just around the corner.

Hope you are having a delightful holiday weekend.

Roger said...

Great pics and comments!

Carbonite and Mozy are both excellent for backing up - for a small number of pictures, there are a number of free options, too.


Floridagirl said...

My husband has always partitioned the drive for me to store my work and photos. There's a lot of it, and when the inevitable blue-screen occurs, he's always been able to safely restore them. However, just in case, I also have extra backups of multiple types. He thinks I am so paranoid.

Anyway, great photos of our beaches! Love, love, love that jellyfish! I too am looking forward to more beach walks in the upcoming months.

Meems said...

I LOVE my Florida and just need to spend some time catching up here. Have lots of photos to share... capturing the time is another story. Looking forward to some beach trips though as the weather is definitely calling me.

Thank you for your comment and the helpful link.

I have no idea what partitioned the drive means...but it sounds like you have a resident IT guy. Lucky you. The upcoming months are perfect for beachgoers. BTW... thanks so much for commenting over here. :-)

marmee said...

oh look at me commenting on two of your blogs in the same week...i must have time on my hands. not really~!
i loved seeing the photos from the beach (still can't believe i didn't make it there this summer). if i can't physically be there at least i can enjoy your images. it does make me long for being there even more.
dh has some new huge external hard drive that i am going to use but need to read the manuel first. i really have thought about carbonite and probably just need to do it.
happy beach trips sis.

Meems said...

Get Carbonite TODAY! No excuses... it's painless and cheap.

Your summer visit had purpose and your sweet daughter just doesn't live close enough to the beach for a dash. But we did have a blast lounging in the pool on your one day off. :-) You could make this beach need happen any long weekend you know... hint-hint

SophieMae said...

ERG! I hate it when Blogger malfunctions and I have to type a long comment all over again!

Gist: Thanks ever so for the temporary 'fix' till I can get over to the beach. I've been craving it lately.

I've been practically hibernating all summer. Heat, old age, Idano... hopefully cooler weather will mo'vate me again. 8-}

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Meems said...

Hate that, too. Thanks for double efforts. You know you'll get more jewels in your crown for that right? :-) I do hope you will come out of your cave with your camera soon... you've a treasure trove of locations to enjoy where you are!Tis the season we are up your way a LOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos of the birds. And for some reason the empty park bench I liked a lot too.

Glad to hear you were able to get all your photos back after your PC went blue screen. I'll have to check this blog more often.

Charles said...

Fantastic blog and photos. I was born and raised in Florida, and spent many weekends on Anna Maria Island at the beach. It is beautiful like your photos show. Or you could back up your files with a flash drive. I have many. Photos and files. All the best.