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Wherever I go I appreciate nature and the world around me. Come along with me as I share the places I visit and perhaps a few other amusements I find interesting along the way.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Downtown Tampa

As much as I adore "my Florida" it isn't the concrete side of it I'm ever particularly drawn to.
Along those lines I've actually never thought of Tampa as being an especially pretty 'city'.

That's not to say there aren't some very lovely places and locations within this well-populated metropolis.
I tend to prefer wide-open spaces and less congested situations.

In recent years Tampa has done a few things to improve the overall feel of the 'concrete city' that makes up the downtown area.

With the greatest companions on the planet at my side, and a beautifully crisp autumn day perfect enough to make us want to feel and touch it, somehow these tall buildings took on a beauty I'd not noticed before.

In spendid view across the Hillsborough River is the University of Tampa. One of Tampa's historical treasures and stunning architectural sites.

Characterized by dramatic minarets that grace the downtown skyline it is truly a landmark Tampa is proud to have.

We played so hard it was good to kick off our shoes and get in the mist for a cool-down.

You may have heard the round Rivergate Tower Building commonly referred to as "the beer can building" by locals.

Tampa will always be considered my hometown.

Funny how something like taking these photos can spark a string of memories from over the years taking place within these city blocks.


The Florida Blogger said...

It's funny how you say that downtown Tampa isn't pretty. I've always thought it looks great, especially at night. If you compare Orlando and Tampa, Tampa has much more culture and richness to it.

Meems said...

Your comparison of Orlando and Tampa is correct.

I think it's just that tall buildings and concrete don't appeal to me in any setting. Except maybe observed from a distance with twinkling lights piercing the darkness. That would be from a plane or standing on Bayshore looking across the water at downtown Tampa. Love that view.

Floridagirl said...

I also don't care for concrete and steel, which is why I'm perfectly happy to live along the Peace River. Tampa to me brings up memories of harrowing traffic instantly, as it seems I'm always the one driving when we hop over to the city. Love your photos, though. You captured Tampa's beauty very well.

Susan said...

Some great shots of Tampa, Meems. I like the checkered board area. Clever idea!

NanaK said...

Great photos of Tampa and your companions :)

I haven't been to Riverwalk yet. Now, I am putting it on my list of places to explore.

marmee said...

nice job representing tampa.

Meems said...

Ladies, Sorry it has taken me eons to respond.

FG, Just the words Peace River will calm ones mind instantly. I don't mind the traffic in Tampa but it's probably because I'm very used to it. But there is nothing to compare with driving wonderfully isolated country roads.

Me, too. It is an interesting concept. Very modern yet pleasing to see.

It will surprise you ... so spaced out and feelings of wide-open space right in the middle of all that concrete in the sky.

Thanks. The day was crisp and beautiful.