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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Florida Map::Circa 1890

Recently in a Texas antique store one of the vendors was selling loose-leaf pages from an old Atlas. A bit tattered but I couldn't resist buying this map of Florida.

Just imagine what might have been going on (besides swarms of mosquitoes) on the lands of this great state in 1890.

Florida was admitted as the 27th state to the United States of America in 1845. For more quick facts about Florida check out this page.


florida cracker said...

1890...Not many roads and I guess the main transportation was walking, boats, horses and buggys and trains. Pretty wild and unsettled time during reconstruction. My relatives were mainly farmers in Hernando county, which was a much bigger county than it is today.

nancy said...

Love your map, love you website!

gigi said...

now we are complaining about too many infrastructures, beaches are all too commercial, and too many people in too little space! ah, the price of discovery of the best state in the union! being a Florida native, 1st generation, i was a product of two migrated parents from GA & SD. born in Miami, i lived where the Seminole Indians walked by my house from their nearby village. my family relocated to Tampa from Miami in the day when we drove a two-lane road across the state. look at us now - home of the U.S. space program, the UF Gators & the FSU Seminoles!! love my home state!!
hope you plan to frame this map too!

Suwannee Refugee said...

That's a great map!

gigi said...

here is a p.s. to my comment -
The Tampa Tribune (Sunday, 8/21) featured an article about the Tampa/Tampa Bay area, which showed a local map dated 5/20/1864. interesting, huh?!!

gigi said...

p.s.s. - sorry, i forgot to mention that your readers can access this article on www.tbo.com, under the title "Are we in Tampa or Tampa Bay?" it was on the History & Heritage page in the Baylife section, and explains how we got the name Tampa and how the area was founded.

Meems said...

My relatives were in Hardee/DeSoto Counties.

So nice to have you here.

pretty cool.

Great information. Amazing the timing. Thanks and hugs.